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The Plymouth Online Directory, or POD, is provided by Plymouth City Council and contains information, advice, help, and support services for adults, young people, and families who live and work in Plymouth.

The majority of this website is focused on health, education, social, and wellbeing services.


  • Create a network of integrated resources working together to enable and support people in the local community to live independently and make life choices that will improve their health and wellbeing.

Website purpose 

  • Support Plymouth in being a healthy city, with happy, healthy and connected communities where people lead safe and fulfilled lives.
  • Provide a community-based directory with a focus on health, social and wellbeing services.
  • Deliver an accurate and comprehensive information ecosystem that is appropriate for our user needs.
  • Offer innovative digital solutions that will enable alignment and consolidation of the current resources available in a sustainable and future proof manner.

If you have any questions about this website please get in touch.

The Plymouth Online Directory is provided by Plymouth City Council and our closest partners to help and support people living in Plymouth.

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